Stuffed Mushroom-Vegan Style


This classic finger food can easily be prepared for a bigger party and is the perfect side dish to serve your guests. And best of all, it’s vegan!

Once veganism was widely associated with animal rights activists and the health conscious, but now more and more people are trying out the vegan lifestyle. Still, it’s not for everyone. This dish is vegan, yes, but also a delicious experience for your taste buds! Give it a try and see what you think of it.

Fun Fact: According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, by 2050, we could be saving 8.1 million human lives per year just by leaving animal-derived foods out of our diets.

About 10 brown mushrooms, brushed clean and stems removed
Coconut oil
Paprika spice
Salt & Pepper
Minced Quorn beef
Agave syrup
Vegan cheese for topping (if desired)

Start by roasting onion, garlic and chili in coconut oil, before adding the minced Quorn beef. Season with cumin, paprika spice, salt and pepper and add a little agave syrup. Place the mushrooms (without stem) on a baking plate, add the mince (and cheese if desired) and bake in the oven on 220C for about 20 minutes. Can be served both warm and cold.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Recipe: Margit Katharine Bøhn /Photo cred