Homemade Cookies

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Cookies! Ahh, the sound of that word is magical! Who doesn’t love cookies? We do, and we bet most of you have a cookie monster inside of you somewhere. Why not try our easy, quick and best of all healthier cookies?

Fun facts: There are thousands of different types of cookies in the world, but the most popular is Oreo. Americans alone actually spend 550 million dollars on Oreos each year. And did you know that the biggest recorded cookie EVER was baked in 2003? It was 102 feet wide and weighed over 40,000 pounds. That’s a whole lot of cookie!

Ingredients (Serves 8-10 cookies)
40grams of oatmeal
40grams of unsalted cashews
5 (big) dates
15grams of coconut flour
15grams of buckwheat flour (can use almond flour as well)
1 egg
1/3tsp sea salt
Chocolate (whatever you prefer: dark, light, sugar-free etc)

Mix all the dry ingredients in a blender. Move it over to a bowl and add the egg. It’s a bit sticky, but use your hands. Put baking paper on a tray and shape the biscuits with your hands. Press pieces of chocolate into the cookies before going into the oven on 200 degrees for about 7-9 minutes. Cool on a rack before turning into the cookie monster!

By: Linda Stuhaug /Photo cred: Henriette Danielsen