Feeling stressed rather than blessed?


Christmas is right around the corner (literally one week away) and it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it?

I bet you love the holidays, who doesn’t? But I also bet you most likely suffer from the tremendous stress that comes with it.

It happens year after year! When the Christmas lights come up in the streets it’s like an alarm is going off and the holiday stress automatically kicks in. It is the time of year when our already hectic schedules get even crazier, and in between Christmas parties, gift wrapping and carol singing you have menus to plan, outfits to purchase, decorations to be put up, cookies than needs to be baked, Christmas cards that needs to be written and whatnot. And the last week before Christmas eve is without doubt the worst. We run around like crazy to get the last things in order before collapsing in front of the TV on Christmas morning.

It is possible to carve out enough time to create the joyful holiday we’re all longing for?

But there is a better way, a stress-free way, to meet this upcoming week. It is possible to carve out enough time to create the joyful holiday we’re all longing for. Just take a deep breath and continue reading. And if you don’t feel affected by the stress at all, continue reading anyway. It might just inspire you.

Give with thought
Presents are without doubt the biggest stress factor during Christmas. The hunt for the perfect gifts, the pressure of giving enough and the challenge of not completely blowing up your budget. But why run around town, spending money on material stuff that a person doesn’t really need? What we seem to forget is that giving comes in various forms, and event though it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of all the holiday sales and marketing, you can rather give someone your time and presence.

Reserve space in your calendar
You are allowed to say no. Taking care of yourself and feel healthy and energized is way better than to attend all parties and gatherings that pop up every week during December. The people who love you want you to be healthy and happy, and how to be that differs from person to person. So learn to say no and take the time you need to rest.

This might seem like the last thing you want to carve out time for in your calendar, but you will be surprised about what it will do to you. Helping others, who might not be as lucky as you, will definitely put things in perspective. That crazy, stressful calendar of yours suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore and the meaning of giving becomes clearer.

Keep it simple
Lastly, keep it simple people. Nobody dies if the tree isn’t perfect, the dinner is a bit overcooked or the cookies are forgotten (scratch that, the cookies are the most important part-hihi). But joke aside, spend time with people you love, spend time doing something for you, spend time with people who might not have family or friends and share some love. Because love is all we need.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Pinterest