Boost your energy level this winter


Winter has arrived in Scandinavia, and the lack of daylight and the cold weather seems to steal our energy. Suddenly it’s much harder to get up in the morning and it feels like we always reach for that extra cup of coffee.

However, there are some easy steps to be done to refill your energy level and kick winters ass (without increasing your coffee intake). Take a look;

Vitamin boost
Vitamins prevent fatigue, so a little boost a day is enough to rise your energy level over time. Like for example Berry Boost from Better You, a capsule containing both Vitamin D, antioxidants, ginger and probiotics, giving you all the essentials through the winter season.

Avoid refined sugar
Like always, refined sugar isn’t the best thing to fuel your tired body with. All it does is give you that sugar high, but then you hit rock bottom pretty fast too. However, we totally understand that a day without snacks isn’t a day worth living, but luckily there are healthier alternatives that don’t steal your energy. Take a look here.

Tap your thymus 
Tap your what? No worries, we will explain! Your thymus is located at center top of your chest, below the collar bone, between your breasts. It’s said that when tapped, it triggers the production of T-cells, boosts energy, relieves stress and increases strength. So, give it a tap for about 15 seconds while breathing deeply. Might sound weird, but worth a shot!

We all have that one friend or colleague who never seems to run out of fuel (energy). Sometimes the best thing to do is socialize with people like that, because mood and energy is contagious.

A vacation for the brain 
When you get home from work, the routine might be to put on a movie, all the while scrolling through social media? Try to put all that away for just a little while and give your brain a little mini vacay. Because even though it might seem like relaxing to you, the brain is reacting to the blue light from the screens and the constant impressions pushed upon it through these devices. Why not go old school and try to read a little instead?

Hopefully your energy level will spike and remember; without a little darkness their can be no light (cliché, I know I know)!

By: Henriette Danielsen