Too busy to work out?


We all know that maintaining an active lifestyle is important for our health. However, in a day consisting of only 24 hours many struggle with finding the time to work out.

Don’t stress it, we give you some tips on how to sneak some exercise into your busy schedule.

Plan ahead
Usually you have a pretty good idea of how the upcoming week will look like, are we right? So why not sit down on Sundays and plan ahead? Decide on the best time for exercise in your schedule, enter it into your calendar and commit to it! It’s always harder to deviate from a written plan.

Rise & shine
Long days at the office, social gatherings and unexpected circumstances often get in the way of our gym plans! You may lack the energy and willpower to exercise when you finally come home after a long day. So why not get up bright and early and kick start your day? Lay out your clothes the day before, set the alarm and just jump into it.

Turn commute into a workout
Why not let the car stand in the garage or save your bus money for something more fun and turn your morning commute into a workout? You can either run, bike or walk to work. This way you get some exercise, fresh air and even save money! Reasons enough to start using your legs!

Work out efficiently
Find a workout form that you enjoy and that can be done from anywhere. This way you’re not limited to a gym and it gives you the opportunity to do it whenever and wherever. Maybe some tabata or yoga at home? Or maybe some outdoor training? All great choices that can be fit into your schedule at any time.

Too busy to work out? Doubtful. Busy as we may be, we seem to have less trouble finding time for social media, television or even dull tasks as cleaning. It’s all about prioritizing.

Lastly we just want you to remember that it’s not about becoming a gym addict, it’s about moving your body and maintaining your health. Find what works for you and incorporate it into your lifestyle, whether it’s taking long walks, do yoga or heavy lifting at the gym.

By Henriette Danielsen