The book that changed my life


“The Four Agreements” by Migue Ruiz, it was like the book was haunting me! I heard people recommending it on podcasts, talking about it on social media, it was like it was everywhere. And for a very good reason!

In a busy world where most of us are often caught up in our own thoughts, we tend to forget the simple things. And in “The Four Agreements”, Ruiz shares four, life changing advices, based on ancient Toltec wisdom. The four simple philosophies, that we need to agree with ourselves to implement in everyday life, can make a big impact. And while the agreements are narrated as ancient wisdom, they are as universal to our lives today as they've ever been. They help us to break some of our habits, to live free of assumptions and to work on being the best version of ourselves.

All of that phrased as the following four agreements that speak for themselves: 

Be impeccable with your word
I believe that the first agreement teaches us about being truthful. It's about understanding the power of our words and trying to use them mindfully. Your words can heal or hurt and which way you'll use them is up to you.

Don't take anything personally
The second agreement is focused on protecting ourselves from the outside. It teaches us to not take things personally as one's behaviour is often about something that has nothing to do with us. Understanding this can help us to be more patient and understanding, and it can also shelter our hearts from lots of unnecessary pain.

Don't make assumptions
The third agreement reflects on our nature of misusing our imagination. If there is a piece of the story we're missing we usually fill it with assumptions that can be very far from the truth. Instead, we should try to keep an open mind and be better at communicating.

Always do your best
The fourth and final agreement is something we should all aim for. It argues that if you always do your best you will live a life free of regrets.

And while you now might think that I've told you everything and that you don't need to read the book - you are wrong. There is so much more wisdom hiding in the pages of “The Four Agreements”. I warmly recommend you getting this book as it's one of those that you'll end up getting back to.

I still cherish my copy and sometimes I'll read my favourite parts to remind myself again of how to live a happier and better life.

If you get yours, please share your thoughts in the comments as I'd love to hear your opinion.

By: Ivona Iwarra Josipovic